Going back "home"...part 3.


In theory, the internet should have all of the information you would ever need about leaving Japan and going to another country. Even if you are going to a relatively small country, the data should be out there somewhere. There should be a blog that leads to an official website that leads to credible evidence that leads to another website and a few more sites and maybe a few phone numbers and you should have all the information you need.

Going back "home"...part 2.


Its hard for me to write this part of the blog post in 2017. When I moved to Las Vegas in 2006 social media was really young and clunky and a little choppy to navigate. SEO was not much better and finding reliable links was difficult. These days its easy to go down the Google rabbit hole into an expanse of information. Not just because the information is there and more plentiful than 10 years ago but it is also easier to find.

Going back "home"...part 1.


From birth up until a few years after college I called Virginia my home. I grew up there, went to school there, went to college there and made all my friends within a small radius of my hometown. On a whim I decided to move to Japan, and for almost 6 years I called Japan my home. I spent a few years in Shizuoka and then my final couple of years in Osaka. When circumstances for me changed, it was time to leave my home in Japan and return to my home in the US; actually to a new home in a city I'd visited many times but never lived in.