#14 - Where's the beeeeeef - with Ernie Izumi


In this podcast, our guest is Ernest Izumi, the Japanese-Canadian owner of Maple Leaf International School (http://www.maple-leaf.co.jp) located in Matsusaka city in Mie prefecture. Matsusaka is also the source of one of the "top three beefs", at the same rank as Kobe-beef. We talk with Ernie about beef, being Japanese in Canada, being Japanese in Japan, and about living in the countryside versus living in the city.

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Different Educational Environments - www.lingref.com/isb/4/077ISB4.PDF

A breakdown of the types of Japanese Beef (Wagyu) with Pics! - http://www.japanguidebook.com/japans-finest-beef-500-steaks-anyone-42/
400 year old "Sumo Baby Cry" Ritual!- http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/japan-sumo-wrestlers-force-babies-cry-centurie…

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