The Usual Suspects - with Kris "Hank" Kent


This week we bring back our recurring guest, Kris Kent. The three of us discuss and share stories about our run-ins with Japanese law enforcement and our take on policing in Japan, give our thoughts on traveling in Japan, and weigh in on the places we think are best to visit.

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For the record, I never got that tiny swiss army knife back! Actually, they were very close to taking me to the police station, but at the last second I guess they decided they had messed with me enough and let me go without my knife. They were doing a full-on, good cop bad cop routine on me with the bad cop insinuating that I went around stabbing people in my free time. He was gesturing with the knife and poking the air as well as himself with it. I didn't have the Japanese ability yet to tell him that it wasn't even long enough to pierce all the way through his vest. I attempted to tell them it was a gift from my father and I had always had it on my key chain since elementary school (and that I don't go around stabbing people with it). They didn't care, they just kept saying 'abunai', one of the few words I did understand (it means dangerous). They had me stopped on the side of the road for around 20 minutes, perhaps longer. They took all kinds of pictures as Hank said, including ones where I was pointing to the knife.


Hey Forum people! I went and found some of the links to things we talked about in the podcast!
Nasubi Mt.Fuji Backpackers Hostel -
Great place to stay if you want to come and visit Fuji!

Nasubi - The Japanese guy living naked - All videos on Youtube --->…
I haven't seen them all yet, but it's exactly as Hank describes it!

Lake Akan! in Kushiro, Hokkaido where Hank went and saw the rare balled seaweed known as Marimo -
Karuizawa, Nagano -
Shirahone Onsen in Matsumoto City, Nagano -
Koyasan - Buddhist Temple on the top of a mountain -
Yamadera - Mountain Temples, see the vid!

Please feel free to comment on places in Japan YOU think are amazing and we'll check them out!

Marimo - a unique seaweed ball

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