Taking Care of Business - with Jeff Swartz


In this podcast, we interview Jeff Swartz a long time resident of Japan, first arriving on the JET Program for 3 yrs in 1992 in southern Chiba prefecture. Jeff also taught at a private girls HS in Fuji for a time. Since 2000, Jeff has been involved in the human resources industry in Tokyo. Originally, from New Jersey in the US, Jeff has also lived in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Jeff is married and a father of two boys, David who turns 12 today and Jacob who is 8 and a half.

Topics for discussion are the recruiting industry in Tokyo, how to find a good recruiting agency for companies, and how to look good to recruiting agencies for job hunters. We also discuss business in Japan, sumo, and discrimination faced by foreigners.

And finally, in our tech talk, we discuss Facebook Instant Articles, what they are, how they work, how we tie into them, and why we use them.

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Nice podcast! I like how each week reveals a new facet of "living and working in Japan."