The Sensei and The Geek - An Introduction


The inaugural Sensei and the Geek Podcast! In this first podcast, we discuss who we are (Jay and Rob), how we met, how we ended up in Japan, what we do here, and what this podcast will be about in future episodes.

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Fresh of the boat newbies! This pic was taken in 2000 in Nagoya when Jay arrived in Japan. Probably the first picture we have of us along with the Incomparable D.J.Salazar. Right after this, Jay exited a convenience store and uttered the word "Sayonara". A newbie faux pas that will live in infamy!

Theoretically the "Sensei" of Sensei and The Geek. Supreme Ruler of the English school Prime Eikaiwa


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I was training at the Brown Belt level at a dojo when the best chinese buffet near me the Sensei of the school leaped onto the mat to teach a one of my peers a sparring "lesson." In a rapid flurry of kicks and strikes the student was buckled to his knees, and a moment later, he tipped over, blood gushing from his chin. I volunteered to drive him to the hospital, where his facial lacerations required several sutures.

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