Dreadlock Holiday - With Kirby Gill


In this episode we introduce a new format we call 'Get to know a Gaijin". In the interview we were privileged to talk with Kirby Gill, a high school English teacher in Fujinomiya City hailing from the Caribbean paradise known as Trinidad and Tobago.
Here we explore his life in Japan from his unique perspective and learn about the fascinating country from which he came.
With so many interesting people from around the world that we have the pleasure of meeting, we hope that this interview will give you a window into that part of our lives that makes Japan so intriguing.

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Ostensibly 'The Geek' of Sensei and The Geek. Owner, operator, and lead developer of Jaypan.


I thought so too, my coconutty friend. Any favorite quotes or quips from the cast?

Theoretically the "Sensei" of Sensei and The Geek. Supreme Ruler of the English school Prime Eikaiwa


On feeling snow for the first time, "I'm like baby Jesus! Born again."


Great 'cast! Missed the IDK and tech talk though. However, the short running time meant I could finish the whole thing in one shink ride. 

Rob and I were chuckling about his comment on going outside on a cold but sunny day "what is the purpose of the sun?!" haha

Ostensibly 'The Geek' of Sensei and The Geek. Owner, operator, and lead developer of Jaypan.


Kirby seems like a great guy! Would like to meet him during my next trip to the mountain.

By the way I've always pronounced it To "bay" go. 

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