Long time no leave - with Kris Kent


In this podcast we interview Kris Kent, a 22-year Canadian expat in Japan, head of the English department at a private girl's jr/sr high-school in Tokyo, and former professor at Temple University in Tokyo. We discuss our decisions to stay in Japan long-term vs. leaving, marriage, children, and the term 'hafu', and our feelings about it as parents of bi-racial children in Japan.

The words of the day this week are:

先輩 (senpai) - senior

後輩 (kohai) - junior

You can see a picture of the three of us as young bucks in the early 2000s on the podcast page at http://www.sensei-and-the-geek.com/podcasts-podcast-4

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A picture of the three of us as young bucks sometime in the early 2000s. Left to right, Hank, Rob and Jay.

Ostensibly 'The Geek' of Sensei and The Geek. Owner, operator, and lead developer of Jaypan.

I couldn't see that picture, but maybe this picture will confirm that Hank has really big knees!

Rob, Jay and Hank in Shimokitazawa.