Eco Justice Warriors Unite and then flee to space


Hello, is it me you are looking for? Probably not since this is the first time I have ever written on here. That said you might be vaguely aware of me as the person who talked about the environment on this podcast, aka David.

So why am I here, what does the environment do and why does it matter?

Going back "home"...part 3.


In theory, the internet should have all of the information you would ever need about leaving Japan and going to another country. Even if you are going to a relatively small country, the data should be out there somewhere. There should be a blog that leads to an official website that leads to credible evidence that leads to another website and a few more sites and maybe a few phone numbers and you should have all the information you need.

Golden Week and "Omotenashi"


One of my favourite parts of living in Japan is the friendliness of the people. While it is very true that you should not over generalize about any group of people or any population from any given country, it is also true that there are certain situations that do occur more frequently in each country that you visit on our planet. I would say that one of these truths is that Japanese people are very proud of their country, culture, and values. So proud that they will, more often than not, go out of their way to make visitors feel comfortable or even revered.

Going back "home"...part 2.


Its hard for me to write this part of the blog post in 2017. When I moved to Las Vegas in 2006 social media was really young and clunky and a little choppy to navigate. SEO was not much better and finding reliable links was difficult. These days its easy to go down the Google rabbit hole into an expanse of information. Not just because the information is there and more plentiful than 10 years ago but it is also easier to find.

So you want to get a website built... Part 3: Where to find someone to build your site


Hi everybody, it's me, The Geek

On our last podcast, I discussed how to choose a web designer/developer. However, after a review of my comments with Sensei, I realized that it was pretty fast, with a lot of information that may have been a little much for some people to be able to take in. So in this series of blog posts, I'm going to review my talk, hopefully in an understandable manner.