Welcome to Sensei and The Geek. This is the home of the Sensei and The Geek podcast. The podcast is hosted by Rob and Jay, two Canadian guys who have been living in Japan long-term. In their podcasts they interview various people related to Japan, give their old-timer's perspective on things Japanese, talk about current events in Japan, and talk about tech.

Discussions include timely topics in Japan like current holidays and news, the Japanese word of the day, and they try to tell each other something they didn't know about Japan. Guests are a large part of the podcast, are a wide-range of people from different professions and countries, who have some relevance to Japan, whether they be currently or previously living in japan, or even just visiting.

Make sure to check out the podcasts. You can also find Sensei and The Geek on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And if you have feedback to give, questions to ask, or just want to chat in general, then feel free to talk on the forums, or comment on the blogs!

Happy listening!

Newest Podcasts

Is there an Eco in here? - with David Heyman


In this weeks podcast we talk with David Heyman, a current Japan resident, contributor to the three parrots podcast, and environmental science engineering student. We discuss renewable energy, nuclear power, climate change, and communal recycling projects. We even break our No-politics rule momentarily to learn about the difficulty of trying to vote from Japan. Long distance learning also makes an appearance, so join us and hopefully you too will learn something new about emerging technologies and the truth of your individual carbon footprint.


Home is Where the Work Is


The decision to uproot everything you've ever known and move to another country is never the easy choice. But is it the right one? Having the advantage of already doing it once before when moving to Japan, The Geek shares his insight on making the transition to Australia to capitalize on his Drupal programming expertise. Is this the end of Sensei and the Geek as we know it!? Tune in to find out.


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