Welcome to Sensei and The Geek. This is the home of the Sensei and The Geek podcast. The podcast is hosted by Rob and Jay, two Canadian guys who have been living in Japan long-term. In their podcasts they interview various people related to Japan, give their old-timer's perspective on things Japanese, talk about current events in Japan, and talk about tech.

Discussions include timely topics in Japan like current holidays and news, the Japanese word of the day, and they try to tell each other something they didn't know about Japan. Guests are a large part of the podcast, are a wide-range of people from different professions and countries, who have some relevance to Japan, whether they be currently or previously living in japan, or even just visiting.

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Newest Podcasts

Sneaker Cars Under the Ethiopian Stars - Tales of a Digital Nomad - with Scott Brills


In this episode, we interview Scott Brills. Scott is a digital nomad who has traveled to over 90 countries, running rallies, rickshaws, and roadblocks. He talks about what it's like to life your life on the road, spending only two or so months a year at home, his love of Japan, and how people all over the world are just people, and generally pretty cool.

In our language section, we talk about the different types of keigo (polite talk), and specifically two words used in business: 御社 (your company) and 弊社 (my company).


Who goes to Vegas, stays in Vegas - making Mike American again

In this podcast we talk with Mike Michaud, a former long-term resident of Japan who made the transition from living in Osaka to a life in Las Vegas! Join us as we explore the thought process one goes through when their time in Japan ends and the the next stage of life begins, and how the experience of living in Japan for an extended period of time affects one's life forever.

Dreadlock Holiday - With Kirby Gill


In this episode we introduce a new format we call 'Get to know a Gaijin". In the interview we were privileged to talk with Kirby Gill, a high school English teacher in Fujinomiya City hailing from the Caribbean paradise known as Trinidad and Tobago.
Here we explore his life in Japan from his unique perspective and learn about the fascinating country from which he came.
With so many interesting people from around the world that we have the pleasure of meeting, we hope that this interview will give you a window into that part of our lives that makes Japan so intriguing.


Taking Care of Business - with Jeff Swartz


In this podcast, we interview Jeff Swartz a long time resident of Japan, first arriving on the JET Program for 3 yrs in 1992 in southern Chiba prefecture. Jeff also taught at a private girls HS in Fuji for a time. Since 2000, Jeff has been involved in the human resources industry in Tokyo. Originally, from New Jersey in the US, Jeff has also lived in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Jeff is married and a father of two boys, David who turns 12 today and Jacob who is 8 and a half.


Long time no leave - with Kris Kent


In this podcast we interview Kris Kent, a 22-year Canadian expat in Japan, head of the English department at a private girl's jr/sr high-school in Tokyo, and former professor at Temple University in Tokyo. We discuss our decisions to stay in Japan long-term vs. leaving, marriage, children, and the term 'hafu', and our feelings about it as parents of bi-racial children in Japan.

The words of the day this week are:

先輩 (senpai) - senior

後輩 (kohai) - junior