Who goes to Vegas, stays in Vegas - making Mike American again

In this podcast we talk with Mike Michaud, a former long-term resident of Japan who made the transition from living in Osaka to a life in Las Vegas! Join us as we explore the thought process one goes through when their time in Japan ends and the the next stage of life begins, and how the experience of living in Japan for an extended period of time affects one's life forever. Topics include reintegration back into Western Society, reverse culture shock, and working as a bi-lingual butler in one of the most visited cities in the world. The word of the day is お任せ (o-makase) which comes from the verb 任す (makasu), and means 'to defer to'. In our tech talk we talk about getting stats from websites, stats for podcast listens, and how search engines track you from site to site.
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Great stuff!

Good to hear what's been up with Mike in these past years before we spend 24 hours together in the same car! hahaha


Great to hear Mike's voice again! I miss that big lug. You should have told him that it's ok to leave the closet he was in during the podcast. Ha ha! He needs to get back over here for a visit.


I have a request. Can you make all the podcasts that exact length. I started it when I left home and it finished just as I got to work. Thanks.

My very first podcast! Thanks to you guys for making it fun. I hope I could provide a little insight into my "going home" thought process and the stuff I did (and didn't do) to make it happen. Just wrote part 1 of the blog to supplement this podcast. Hope you enjoy it!

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