Sneaker Cars Under the Ethiopian Stars - Tales of a Digital Nomad - with Scott Brills


In this episode, we interview Scott Brills. Scott is a digital nomad who has traveled to over 90 countries, running rallies, rickshaws, and roadblocks. He talks about what it's like to life your life on the road, spending only two or so months a year at home, his love of Japan, and how people all over the world are just people, and generally pretty cool.

In our language section, we talk about the different types of keigo (polite talk), and specifically two words used in business: 御社 (your company) and 弊社 (my company).

In our tech section, we talk about how to choose a web designer and/or developer, and what the difference between them are.


For more information on Scott's Tanzanian tours, check out

His design agency can be found at

And you can find out more about Scott at

Happy listening!
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