So you want to get a website built... Part 1: Determining who exactly you need to hire


Hi everybody, it's me, The Geek

On our last podcast, I discussed how to choose a web designer/developer. However, after a review of my comments with Sensei, I realized that it was pretty fast, with a lot of information that may have been a little much for some people to be able to take in. So in this series of blog posts, I'm going to review my talk, hopefully in an understandable manner.

Going back "home"...part 1.


From birth up until a few years after college I called Virginia my home. I grew up there, went to school there, went to college there and made all my friends within a small radius of my hometown. On a whim I decided to move to Japan, and for almost 6 years I called Japan my home. I spent a few years in Shizuoka and then my final couple of years in Osaka. When circumstances for me changed, it was time to leave my home in Japan and return to my home in the US; actually to a new home in a city I'd visited many times but never lived in.

Our New Audio Player


Hi everybody, it's me the geek. And boy, do I have some geeky stuff for you today!

As this site is based around a podcast, it only makes sense to be able to listen to the podcast here on the site. As such, I embedded an audio player into the site to allow people to play the podcast directly on podcast pages. However, one of the consistent bits of feedback we've received regarding the audio player was essentially that it sucked! There were a few problems with our podcast audio player: